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People Development

People Matters offer a wide range of training and management development solutions. In addition to our scheduled training events, we customise training specifically to the needs of your business. Training courses can be delivered, on-site, virtually or a blend of both to meet the needs of your business.

Leadership Development

People Matters specialise in leadership coaching and providing training to Managers who are responsible for getting results through others.

Our expertise in business coaching and leadership training will provide you and your team with the leadership skills necessary to manage performance and maximise productivity.

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Management Training

Our training courses delivered virtually or onsite, cover all aspects of personal development and supervisory skills essential for todays workplace. Courses are highly interactive to support learning and are customised to the specific needs of your team.

Popular topics include Leadership, Teamwork, Performance Management, Employment Law, along with personal development skills such as Communications, Time Management, Interviewing Techniques and Personal Resilience. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will design a programme to suit.

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Business Coaching

Owning a business or managing a team can be stressful and challenging, many business owners find that sometimes they need assistance to work through the challenges in a constructive way with an independent facilitator or business coach.

People Matters offers one to one coaching support for Managers and Executives either on an individual basis or as part of a wider leadership programme enabling them to achieve their full potential and enhance personal impact and performance.

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Myers Briggs (MBTI)

The MBTI instrument is the best known and most trusted personality assessment on the market. STEP I and STEP II can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. MBTI helps individuals and teams to identify their strengths and to utilise the mix of preferences to maximise performance, this provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development increasing overall personal effectiveness.

People Matters are accredited with licensing for the administration of MBTI profile assessments and analysis and we work with organisations and individuals to enable growth and development from understanding the profile.

We offer Individual or Team sessions supported by comprehensive MBTI Profile Reports.

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Team Development

People Matters will facilitate Teamwork initiatives to enable your teams to maximise the benefits of working together and deliver targets and ultimately success. Whether teams are newly established needing direction or existing teams requiring new energy, use of the most appropriate teambuilding tools will ensure that output and effectiveness is maximised both as individuals and as a high performing team.

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