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HR Strategy

With our extensive expertise across many sectors, we can provide creative solutions to the HR challenges of todays workplace by managing performance effectively, restructuring your organisation or developing a culture of employee engagement.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement, where company values are lived and a culture of mutual respect prevails across the team, positively impacts on productivity and financial performance.

People Matters will assist you establish a culture where pride and loyalty take employees the extra mile for your organisation and help you achieve an integrated approach to employee communications recognizing the varied communication needs of your employees.

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Performance Management

People Matters will design Performance Management systems tailored to your organisation which align team and individual performance with overall objectives.

People Matters have considerable experience in helping organisations to overcome the many challenges and obstacles that can get in the way of effective performance management.

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Restructuring your business to meet the challenges of trading in the current environment requires careful consideration.

In the current economic climate many companies are being challenged to realign the structure of the organisation, achieve cost saving and in some cases may involve downsizing. While this is unfortunate for those directly affected, People Matters will assure you that these issues are handled sensitively through effective communication and a caring proactive approach. Expertise in all aspects of change management, redundancy compliance and outplacement support will achieve the desired results while prioritising the people involved and the company reputation.

People Matters provide expertise in all aspects of restructuring, helping you evaluate alternatives, implementing communications and ensuring any redundancies are carefully planned and executed in line with employment legislation.

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Business Strategy

People Matters specialises in helping organisations enhance their profitability through their most important asset – their people. We work with organisations in developing creative solutions to align the people strategy directly with business objectives.

People Matters will invest significant time in fully understanding your organisations Vision and Strategy to assess specifically what needs to be achieved in respect of your people resources.

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