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Performance Management

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.

– Malcolm Stevenson Forbes.

People Matters will design Performance Management systems tailored to your organisation which align team and individual performance with overall objectives. People Matters have considerable experience in helping organisations to overcome the many challenges and obstacles that can get in the way of effective performance management. We place significant emphasis on the implementation of a Performance Management system appropriate to your specific organisational needs by:

  • Understanding the culture in your organisation
  • Linking strategy, motivation, measurement and reward
  • Designing a tailored Performance Management system
  • Developing SMART goal setting
  • Implementing clear Competency Frameworks
  • Providing customised training and support to Managers
  • Using 360 feedback tools to support feedback
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Benefits of Performance Management


  • Know and understand what they are responsible for
  • Develop skills, knowledge and attitude to carry out their role
  • Are engaged in setting measurable objectives aligned with strategy
  • Receive constructive feedback and opportunities to develop
  • Participate in monitoring progress with in-built review meetings
  • Benefit from a Personal Development Plan

360 Feedback

360 Feedback is an appraisal system that gathers feedback on an individual from a number of sources including colleagues, direct reportsĀ  and customers. Its gives broader more balanced information on skills, performance and working relationships. Typically 8-10 people, including the individual themselves complete questionnaires describing performance. The questionnaire includes a number of work related statements rated on a scale. The responses are summarised into a report and typically the whole process is anonymous with feedback presented to the recipient by a skilled coach.

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