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Team Development

Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean

– R Satoro

People Matters will facilitate Teamwork initiatives to enable your teams to maximise the benefits of working together and deliver targets and ultimately success. Whether teams are newly established needing direction or existing teams requiring new energy, use of the most appropriate teambuilding tools will ensure that output and effectiveness is maximised both as individuals and as a high performing team.

People Matters will customise an innovative Teambuilding programme specifically to suit the needs and culture of your organisation and to develop the team to achieve success. We can incorporate proven teambuilding tools such as Myers Briggs and Belbin Team Types to give individuals an insight into their own behavioural style and how this fits with the desired behavioural style of the team. We will assist your team to maximise their strengths and work together on opportunities for improvement through feedback and facilitating honest communication. Situational learning will include topics on motivation, leadership, innovation and communication to maximise the individual strengths and overall contribution of the team to make your company stronger.

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