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Return to Work Safely Protocol

By May 27, 2020January 21st, 2021No Comments

The Return to Work Safely Protocol is designed to help employers and workers prevent the spread of #Covid-19 in the workplace by putting certain measures in place. The Protocol applies to all workplaces across the country.

Under the Health and Safety Act, 2005, HSA inspectors have the power to visit workplaces and carry out inspections and provide guidance for Employers. If their advice is not implemented and if a business does not comply with Public Health guidelines, the HSA will be able to order them to shut down their workplace. Therefore, it is important for Employers to become familiar with the Protocol and to begin to put measures in place to ensure compliance.

See attached image which illustrates what employers need to provide to follow the Return to Work Safely Protocol. Please do not hesitate to contact People Matters for any queries relating to getting your Workplace ready before employees return.

The Return to Work Safely Protocol is the result of a collaborative effort by The Health and Safety Authority (HSA), The Health Services Executive (HSE), The Department of Health & The Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation. See link to download the full Return to Work Safely Protocol: