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Managing Performance

By March 31, 2017March 31st, 2021No Comments

Managing Performance – is it time for ‘Review’…??

It’s that time of year and many Managers are currently attempting to schedule ‘Performance Reviews’ for the past year, grappling with detailed Appraisal forms or online systems to be updated. So how important is the completion of those Appraisal Forms? Many would argue ‘Reviews’ are a waste of time and yes, many systems can be more cumbersome in implementation than the value they bring. Current and emerging trends show that there is much more value on focussing on the future and the standards and behaviours required from the role rather than concentrating on last years efforts. Scoring/Rating systems are (thankfully ) very much in the past and the best benefit to be gained from Appraisals is focussing on defining the required standard i.e. ‘What does “good” look like” and coaching the employee to that required standard.

Terms such as ‘One-to-One’s’ or ‘Coaching’ sessions demonstrate both a more mutual approach for greater accountability and a focus on improvement rather than placing too much emphasis on the past. The priority for the Manager is to have the ”conversation”(the paperwork is secondary) set out the standards, give recognition and focus on the future.

While managing performance takes time, consider what happens if you don’t!!

People Matters are experienced in developing effective Appraisal systems that enable employees to perform to their best. Call us and we will assist with updating your Performance Review processes.