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Corporate Social Responsibility

By March 26, 2021April 1st, 2021No Comments

Corporate Social Responsibility is when a company engages in activity aimed at contributing something positive to the wider community or environment other than economic activity. Companies believe that this gives them a competitive advantage and the concept of shared value comes to the fore with the business simultaneously benefitting from good PR, hence attracting talent and building greater employee engagement. Larger multinationals are taking on major projects in health promotion, sustainability and in the developing world while smaller companies have always been recognized as good places to work based on their commitment to local charities and sponsoring community initiatives or local sports events.

Where employees themselves get actively involved in supporting the project or participating in events, there is even greater benefit to the organisation in building teamwork and employee engagement. While this is difficult in the world of remote working, opportunities to participate in virtual events will still create team banter and a great sense of team achievement and if it’s a sporting event, like the Mayo Pink Ribbon, it also builds health and fitness!

Why not engage your team in this years Mayo Pink Ribbon (walk, run, cycle) event, a very worthy charity which raises vital funds for breast cancer research. People Matters are undertaking the 300 km cycle so if you’re not participating, why not donate now and support our selected charity!

Visit Mayo Pink Ribbon