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Building Resilience in Your Business

By March 31, 2021May 5th, 2021No Comments

2 Virtual Modules x 3 Hours

This workshop helps you to gain a better understanding of the culture of your organisation and focusses on opportunities to grow and build resilience to deal with the stress and increasing pressures of uncertainty. By focussing on the assets of your organisation and identifying strengthsto cope with change, resilience enables your organisation to learn and grow through challenging times. You will have the opportunity to examine the purpose of your business and set out objectives to emerge stronger from challenges.

Topics include:

  1. What is Resilience
  2. Factors impacting Resilience
  3. Resilience SWOT for your organisation
  4. Understanding Mission and Values
  5. Building a Common Purpose
  6. Key Skills for Resilience:
    1. Communication Skills
    2. Planning
    3. Managing Change
    4. Problem Solving
    5. Managing Stress as a Team

Date(s): TBA

Time(s): 09:30 – 12:30

Cost: €195 per participant

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