Public holidays (of which there are 9 in Ireland) are often confused with Bank Holidays (work days that banks are closed) but not all Bank Holidays are also Public Holidays. In some cases the Bank Holiday can be a deferral of the public holiday entitlement for those that work Monday to Friday, this weekend being a perfect example. However Monday 18th March is not a public holiday..!

There is no automatic entitlement for employees to a day off on the day of a public holiday or, where the public holiday falls on a weekend, to the next working day.

Similarly there is no legal entitlement to ‘extra’ pay for working on the day of the public holiday, this is entirely a benefit at the discretion of the employer or in place from a long term industry agreement.

In any event the entitlement for employees for a public holiday is one of either

  • a day off on the day;
  • a day off within a month;
  • a day’s additional annual leave;
  • a day’s additional pay;

Part-time employees are entitled to pro-rata payment for public holidays once they have worked at least 40 hours in the previous 5 weeks. Where an employee normally works on the day on which the public holiday falls, they are entitled to a normal days pay for that day; Where the public holiday falls on a day that the employee does not normally work,  they are entitled to one fifth on the normal working week for that day.

Finally …this public holiday is a National Celebration ..enjoy the festivities wherever you are!!