People Best Practice

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”
- Aristotle.

HR Legislation

Employment Law

With over 50 different pieces of Employment Legislation and EU Directives alongside new developments in social media, data protection and whistleblowing, the employment context has become increasingly complex and legalistic in recent times. Breaches of Employment legislation may involve lengthy procedures through third parties such as Rights Commissioners, Employment Appeals Tribunals, the Labour Court and may result in significant fines.

 Most importantly, non-compliance has a detrimental impact on the relationship with your employees, impacts communication, productivity, the company reputation and ultimately the success of your business.


HR Policies

Every organisation needs tailored HR policies which facilitate the implementation of rules and procedures on a daily basis.

Not every organisation needs these in the form of a comprehensive handbook or a set of standardised policies but every employer does need user-friendly policies which are easy to interpret and customised to the organisation to reinforce positive work practices, maintain consistency and ensure a clear understanding by all employees.